A kit of kindness to keep close for the moments you need a self-care pick-me-up.

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Compact and portable. Keep your kit in your bag, on your desk, or in your car, and take it out when you need a pick-me-up:

A Marble, just in case you lose yours;

A Ball, so you can always bounce back;

A Diamond, because you are unique & valuable;

A Lego Block, because one small thing can be the start of something great, and you can always rebuild;

A Rubber Band, a reminder to be flexible, without over-stretching your limits;

A Shining Star, so you always have a light to guide your way;

A Pom-Pom, a reminder that there is always someone cheering you on;

A Paperclip, to focus nervous energy;

A Balloon, a reminder to breathe; and

A Coin, a reminder to pay yourself first.

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